Traditional design. Uncommon performance.

Traditional design. Uncommon performance.

Custom, handmade, wooden longbows by Steve Turay

  • Enduring: Our bows offer stability, durability, and a tendency to forgive technique flaws because of their classical limb shapes.
  • Innovative:¬†Innovative taper-grinds of the core laminations, and weight-saving limb cross sections, produce arrow speeds normally associated with more radical hybrid designs.
  • Powerful: These bows are built to shoot heavy hunting-weight arrows with authority!
  • Options:¬†Match any grip design to any bow model. Assemble the bow you really want. Shoot your full potential.

Our Bows

If you are hunter, archer, collector, or a flatout outdoorsman. You have come to the right place. Northern Mist Longbows are built with tradition and excellence in mind. Smooth, forgiving, fast, and accurate. Click here to see the beautiful bows we have to offer. Put down your average bow, and start shooting excellence today.

Straight Limb ASL

The Classic Longbow is a traditional American-Style straight Limb longbow with just a touch of reflex. This longbow is smooth and forgiving.


The Shelton is an American-style longbow, built with a touch of string-follow. It offers the same great performance as the Classic with less vibration.


The Witbeck is a takedown longbow with the same limb design as the Baraga, only in a versatile three-piece design. Extra limbs are also available.


From core woods, handle options, overlays, and more. You can create a one of a kind, hand-built bow, that is built for you.