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Northern Mist Longbows

Traditional Design-Uncommon Performance

Steve Turay: Owner, Bowyer, and Bow Hunter-with aerial target discs
Steve Turay: owner, bowyer, and bow hunter-with aerial target discs

The Best of Both Worlds

More than 21 years experience-Over 2,000 bows built



Our Products

We produce top quality affordable bows that are genuinely beautiful, smooth, fast, and dependable. Each is built by hand to your specifications. The expert craftsmanship and choice materials result in a one-of-a-kind custom bow that is forgiving and offers superior performance with little hand shock.

We specialize in:

The longbow has been in a state of continuous development for over 10,000 years, right up to this very moment. For more than 21 years, we’ve continued in this tradition of innovation, perfecting our designs and production methods while producing well over 2,000 custom bows. Our production rate is limited to keep our quality high. We build state-of-the-art bows for both hunting and recreation. Let us build one for you.

Traditional Archery

For more than 10,000 years, people have been using traditional bows to protect their homes and feed their families, taking game ranging in size from small birds through elephants. Silent, accurate, powerful, and capable of being shot from any position, at targets both stationary and in-motion, traditional bows and arrows have proven lethal to every game animal on the planet: no wheels, no cams, no cables. Archery History