Longbow Options

Core Woods

Northern Mist Longbows prides itself on the ability to create a truly custom long bow. We offer a variety of core woods, from bird’s eye maple, American elm with Kingwood overlays, to exotic woods such as Tempered Bamboo with Rosewood overlays. Click here to begin building a truly one of a kind bow.


With five different types of grip styles and custom leather, you will have no problem finding a grip that fits you perfect. Click here and see what we offer.

Handle Woods

When we say options, we mean options. We offer eleven different handle wood options. Click here and find a wood that fits your dream bow.


Our takedown riser is not only versatile it is also customizable. Click here to choose the core of your take down riser and finish it with a classic clear glass top.

Tip Overlays

We offer standard riser wood over lays, but it is no problem for Northern Mist Longbows to go even more unique. Click here to find a custom overlay.