Classic and American Longbow

The Classic is a traditional, straight limb,American style semi-longbow. As opposed to the English longbow, the cross-section of its limbs are rectangular in shape, instead of a “D” shape. The simple, straightforward design with long limbs and deep core make the Classic a very forgiving bow with excellent cast. This particular style of bow was made famous by archers such as Howard Hill, John Schulz, and Bob Swinehart. This smooth, stable longbow is most popular among archers with an historic sense of traditional archery, as well as an appreciation for its simple, traditional design. The Classic is available in 66” to 70”.

The American is basically the same as the Classic only with nearly 2” of backset. It’s as forgiving as the Classic with added performance.


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  1. SOLD#0618-07 Left hand 66” 59@28” Tempered Bamboo core, Straight Bolivian Rosewood handle, Green glass on the back, Clear glass with Cherry veneer on the belly and Bolivian Rosewood tip overlays. $685.00
  2. SOLD Right hand 68” 42@28” White Ash core, Straight Black Walnut handle, Brown glass and tip wedge $655.00
  3. Sold  Right hand 68” 50@28” Tempered Bamboo core, Walnut Dymondwood handle, Black glass and tip wedge $835.00
  4. American #0418-08 Right hand 66” 97@28” Maple core, Straight  Walnut Dymondwood handle, Green glass and tip wedge $655.00
  5. American # 0418-09 Right hand 66” 99@28” Maple core, Straight Walnut Dymondwood handle, Green glass and tip wedge $655.00
  6. American #0418-11 Right hand 66” 69@28” Maple core, Straight Heritage walnut Dymondwood handle, Green and Grey glass and tip wedge $655.00
  7. SOLD Right hand 68” 55@28 Tempered Bamboo core, Straight Shedua handle, Black and Grey Glass and tip wedge $685.00
  8. Sold Left hand 68” 48@28”Tempered Bamboo core, Straight Cocobolo handle, Brown glass and tip wedge $685.00
  9. SOLD $0518-08  Right hand 68” 55@28” Bamboo core, Straight Rosewoo Dymondwood handle, Quilted Maple veneers, Clear glass and tip wedge $685.00
  10. Classic # 0618-01 Right hand 68” 46@28”  Black Walnut core, Straight Curly Maple handle, Clear glass and tip wedge $655.00
  11. Sold # 0618-02 Right hand 66” 76@26” Maple core, Straight Cocobolo Dymondwood handle, Green Glass and tip wedge. $655.00

Bow Pricing

All One Piece Bows Base Price $655.00
Fiberglass Sleeve Takedown System Add $150.00
Skanee Take Down Base Price $800.00
Extra Limbs for Skanee Base Price $400.00
Veneer Add $30.00
Accent Strips Add $30.00
Horn or Antler Tip Overlays Add $30.00
Bamboo Core Wood Add $30.00
Yew Core Add $60.00
Yew Veneer Add $30.00
Gloss Finish Add $75.00
Shipping Add $30.00

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